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Fake Comotomo in Shopee

So you have been hunting for cheap  Comotomo products and your quest has lead you to Shopee. You typed in the keyword in the app's Search tool and voila, lots of cheap Comotomo products are now in front of you. You only just have to toggle the Price tool from low to high or vice versa. You were so relieved you found these items and online sellers, that you added 2 or more items to your cart and proceeded to Checkout as usual. Few days or more later, your orders have arrived at your doorstep. You are so happy now that you have Comotomo for your baby. But have you ever asked yourself if its even genuine, original or authentic?

I agree, Comotomo is expensive. Not to mention it's exclusive. There are very few authorized retailers in every country and most of them are not in Shopee nor Lazada. I, myself have tried to purchase a bottle and a teat from a Shopee seller. Below are my disappointments:
1. Comotomo from Shopee are not authentic. Where can you surely and securely buy authe…

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