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My Experience With Gluta C

Along with the gluta supplement, I decided to try a full range of glutathione enriched skin products. So I tried the Gluta C range.
I bought the Gluta C soaps, salt scrub, lotion, deo roll on, toner, day cream, and night serum.
1. Gluta C Soap with Papaya, Gluta C Salt Scrub, Gluta C deo roll on and Gluta C Lotion.
It has glutathione and papaya as it says on the box. It smells nice, but artificial nice as it reminds me of a perfume. It is also antibacterial that promises to make you smell longer. As for the lotion, which clearly says moisturizing.
My experience: the scrubs smells like safegurd, so eww. Upon contact with the scrub, there is this warm sensation, tho it did not sting. I'd apply it, scrub as usul then I rinse it. The soap. I did like the scent. But the soap itself, no. I only lather it, apply it on my skin for atleast 2 minutes, then I rinse it off. Tap dry then I'd immediately apply their lotion. Afterwards, I am itching. It means my skin is drying. So to solve thi…

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