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Big Capacity Flash Drives Sold in Online Shopping Malls

Online shopping malls are really flooded with very cheap stuffs. From underwears to make ups to car seat covers to generally about everything. One of these things are flash drives. From 4GB to 2 TB, name it, you will find it in any online shopping mall. The surprising thing about these products are they are too cheap. Even a high school kid with (Php1,000 allowance a day) can purchase them in bulk.

But have you ever wondered why they are so cheap? For my experience, I am gonna be honest here. I have a cousin, whose sister asked me a favor to transfer some videos on her flash drive. Her memory stick has a label of 8GB. I went on to transfer the requested vids but the problem was, the flash wouldn't allow me to copy it. I have tried lots of fixes I found via Google but alas, everything failed. I was so friggin' frustrated so I told myself to let it pass. Another day passed, I googled again and I found out that these USB thumb drives that are being sold really cheap are fake. Sel…

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